Kodimax | Depositing Procedure
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Depositing Procedure

You have access to the “Deposit” option from the account dashboard. You will have to sign in to your account to make any deposits in your trading account with Kodimax. Once you are into your account, you can choose the “deposit” option from the banking section. Once you select the deposit option, you will have to choose the method of deposit.
With Kodimax, you have a variety of ways to fund your account such as bank wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, internet payments etc.
Once you have chosen your desired deposit method, you have to fill in the details for that particular method. You are responsible for providing accurate information, so make sure you double-check every piece of detail you enter into the form.
How long it takes for your deposits to land in your account depends on the method you have chosen. Credit/debit, crypto wallet, and internet payment methods are the fastest and can transfer funds into your account within seconds or minutes. Bank wire transfers are safe but they can take a lot of days. In some cases, you have to wait for up to 45 working days before your deposits are successful.
You can always read our deposit FAQs to know more about the factors that apply to your deposits.