Kodimax | Payment Policy
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Payment Policy

Payment policy

Kodimax is only financially responsible before a trader once the trader has deposited some funds in the account. These responsibilities come to an end when the trader has withdrawn all the money from the trading account.
You can only use the methods that appear on your account for transferring funds in your account. Click on “deposit” from your dashboard to know which methods are available.
The client has to understand that it is not the responsibility of Kodimax to be answerable for the funds until they have landed in the account. They are a responsibility of Duxacapital only after the client’s funds have appeared on the account. Before the payment is successfully transferred, the client has to hold the payment method responsible for any delays.
An increase in processing time or delay in the transfer of funds is not in control and access of Kodimax. If you, the client, experience any delays or problems with your funds before they appear in your trading account with Kodimax, you have to get in touch with the customer support department of the payment method you used for depositing funds.
Kodimax can inspect into any aspect of the trading account of the client that’s associated with Kodimax. If the company detects any fraudulent activities or suspicious actions on the account, it has the right to seal the account or close it altogether without serving any notice to the account holder.
All the funds deposited by the clients are maintained in segregated accounts. These segregated accounts are not a possession of Kodimax. Kodimax is only using the services of a bank or a financial institution to store the funds of its clients safely. Once a withdrawal request has processed successfully and the funds have left the “segregated account”, any delays or issues with the reimbursement of the funds will not be considered a responsibility of Kodimax.
Technical issues may arise, and in case one takes place while a payment processing is taking place, the company has the right to halt the process and cancel the payment transfer altogether.
For registering with Kodimax, the client has to first insert all the necessary information requested on the signup form while signing up. Additional ID information is also requested by the company in documentary or scanned form. Failure to the provision of this information from the client’s side will halt the signup process.
You, as the client of the company, will have to provide complete identification information, which could be your driver’s license, passport, or ID card issued by the government. The information is provided in the form of scanned images of the back and front of the ID document.
The company can ask for bank statement, copies of utility bills, and other additional documents if it deems it fit for the identification process for some or all of its clients. The standard time for verifying the identity of the client is 14 days. However, this time can increase in certain situations.