Kodimax | Withdrawal & Refund Policy
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Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Withdrawals are made as easy as possible for traders. Kodimax does all in its access to process the withdrawals as quickly as possible but certain conditions have to be met and regulations complied with before withdrawals are fully successful.
For a trader to withdraw funds from their account, they will have to request the company for the same. The request is placed through the client’s trading account opened on the website with the company. The client has to make sure to choose the right method of withdrawal and provide all the necessary information required for that payment method to work successfully.
Once the request has been placed, it will be received into the system by Kodimax with its request status. As the company’s accounts department starts working on the request, the status of the request will change from “requested” to “working”. After the working on the withdrawal request is complete, it will be given the “processing” status. At this stage, the desired amount by the client will be taken out of the trading account balance. Following the debit, the amount is sent to the client via the chosen method.
The client has to give the company at least one full business day for processing any withdrawal requests. The time can be shorter or longer depending on a variety of factors. The company will, however, bring in the client’s notice if the withdrawal is to take longer than the usual 24-hour working day.
Any withdrawal from the client has to be reimbursed via the same method that the client used for depositing funds in the account. Therefore, the client has to be sure that every piece of information about the bank or chosen payment method is entered with 100% accuracy.
In the case of bank cards, only the amount that was deposited in the trading account can be withdrawn by the client. This withdrawal limit applies for 90 working days. The clients wishing to have their withdrawals treated as a priority should use bank cards as the means of withdrawal.
The client will be subject to pay a withdrawal fine of $250 if he/she requests a withdrawal from the trading account without any trading activity. The client can avoid this penalty by trading with the deposited funds and earning a gain that’s equal to the deposited amount, and further keeping the gained amount in trade for at least 7 working days.